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Surprise? Alyssa Milano eats like a normal human being

alyssa milano

Apparently it’s news when an actress isn’t starving herself, especially when pregnant. That’s why we know that something called Pasta Chips exists, because Alyssa Milano bought some while out shopping in Los Angeles this week. I had no idea that Pasta Chips was a thing and it sounds like carbohydrate heaven. Where have they been all my life?

In any case, Alyssa’s not having body shaming happening while she’s growing a person, so she’s engaging in some “comfort eating for two” (her words) and good for her. Pasta chips? Frozen yogurt? I’m into it. I’m sure she’s getting lots of healthy fresh food, as well, so I don’t think we need commentary on how she should be chowing down on fruits and vegetables. She looks great!

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