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What the hell is going on with Katy Perry?

katy perry

Katy Perry posted the above photo on her Instagram page on Thursday, leading plenty of people, including myself, to say, “HUH?” Y’all know I love KP, but I’m not fond of the desperate grasp for baby hair (sorry, white girls, it doesn’t come natural to you) and the bleached eyebrows thing has always escaped me. The nails are meh, the earrings look like hideous costume jewellery and the whole thing looks like she’s ripping off this UK artist called FKA Twigs (who’s actually really great and the look works for her):

FKA twigs

But hey, Katy thinks she looks great, so live it up, I guess?

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  • dafuq are u talking about gurl? baby hair doesn’t come naturally to white girls? are you shitting me? lol mang what even

  • You must mean ANGLO girls, Spanish, Italian, Greek, and Portuguese girls have baby hair to give and take. Like, can we not conflate Anglo with the only White people? I’m White and I’m not Anglo.

  • I am white and native american and I have ALWAYS had baby hairs… lol But I do agree that she seems to be ripping of FKA Twigs’ look and poorly to boot.

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