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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez went to bible study together

justin bieber selena gomez

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together again, and they don’t just go to clubs and party all the time, you know. They also do good, Christianly things, like go to Bible study together so they can learn all about Jesus and follow his example. LOL.

From US Weekly:

“They were very lovey dovey and cute,” the insider says of the stars, who “came and left together with a few friends.”

According to the source, Bieber, 20, and Gomez, 21, “sat next to each other and listened to [Pastor Judah Smith]’s sermon.” The insider tells Us they were “smitten with each other.”

Bieber shared an Instagram snapshot from Smith’s teachings Wednesday evening. “Bible study with Judah Smith,” he wrote alongside a photo of the City Church pastor onstage. The insider notes how Bieber appeared to be in a significantly better place at the study session.

“He looks so happy and at peace,” the source says, while Gomez seemed similarly pleased and tranquil.

Of course, by “happy and at peace”, this source means “high as hell”, because you know that’s what was going on. I’m so sick of Bible-thumping idiots like Bieber who act like complete jackasses nonstop, spew hate and racism and whatever the fuck else and then still proclaim they’re Christians and God is great and all of this. I’m not saying Christians don’t make mistakes or aren’t shitty people sometimes, but Justin and his ilk take it to the next level and make Christianity seem like a complete farce.

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  • Eaaassyyyyy.. Eaaaaaasyyyyy… Jennifer…..

    Let’s get this straight: I spew hate and racism. You would NOT, repeat, NOT like my view of the world.

    But lil’ ol’ Bieber, comparatively speaking, is like Mother Theresa, and an ambassador for cross racial relations – most of his friends are black, and he’s dating a Hispanic..
    sooo…. Go easy, and have a nice weekend. Have you been outdoors lately? Tomorrow’s the first day of summer.. You should go for a nice hike or something.. . Go cuddle a kitty or play with a nice dog…

    You just ain’t right.

  • Love your irony Jennifer YOU HATE this kid cos he got way too famous way too young and couldn’t handle it and YOU HATE Selena cos she is soo stupid when she gets back together with Bieber. But HE’s the asshole who spews hate ….

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