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Uh Oh… Are we starting not to care about Beyoncé and Jay-Z?

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z are America’s king and queen, right? Everyone loves them (I mean in the broader sense) and treats them like royalty. They’re even friends with the Obamas! With that in mind, you’d assume that the tickets to their On the Run tour set for this summer in the US would have sold out in seconds… but it seems that’s not the case.

From Radar Online:

A quick look on Ticketmaster reveals less than desirable ticket sales for the hip-hop royalty duo, with one industry insider exclusively telling their personal lives and a lack of airplay on the radio could be contributing.

According to the leading ticket sales distributor, tens of thousands of tickets are still available for the “On the Run” concert in Miami on July 25, as well as Atlanta on July 15 and a July 12 show in New Jersey.

These are metropolis cities across the United States that typically sell out concerts quickly, as they did with Justin Timberlake‘s recent “20/20? tour and Madonna‘s “MDMA” tour.

“Beyonce’s album had a big first month with ‘Drunk in Love’, but the last several singles have tanked on the charts,” the insider told Radar.

“If you’re launching a stadium tour, you have to have airplay, and she’s had no hits lately on the radio.”

“It’s overload. The public has been left with a sour taste in their mouth because of the elevator fight and all the information that leaked about Jay and B’s relationship afterward,” the source said.

True, true. It’s definitely a case of “too much of a good thing”. I enjoy them both as artists, but we’re being oversaturated with Bey and Jay and people are tired of it. There’s always an inevitable backlash when that happens. Does it mean the end of their careers? Of course not. It does mean, however, that we all need a nice little break, which shouldn’t be a bad thing. They should take some time off, too!

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  • I am NOT a fan of these two I think they think they are “Royalty” and the Obama relationship feels like it is thrown in your face. Over Rated and although I am NOT a fan of Kardashian West and whether it’s true or not (true) beyonce’s whole I am too good to be a part of that wedding garbage when she is apparently friends with Kanye sucked. Lowticket sales look good on her

  • If you are tacky enough to sell front row tickets for a 1000+ dollars and nosebleed seats for 85, then you need to go and sit in a corner, facing the wall, and rethink your whole life and be ashamed of the greedy ass person you’ve become. They should both take a lifelong hiatus.

    • Isn’t that pretty standard for their “caliber” of performance . I am not supporting them regardless, but that would seem to be a going rate for anyone with their fame.

  • She’s good looking and has an ok body if you like her body type, and kinda has an ok but not really distinctive voice. He has basically no talent. I mean, what is it? Really? The Who had talent. Led Zeppelin in their prime had staggering talent, and so did zillions of bands. But, really, these guys? On what plant art thou?

  • “Starting to not care” I have never cared never will. When there are 10’s of thousands of unsold tickets it is really bad cos even the scalpers know they won’t sell. Too bad soo sad better reach out to see if Kanye will guest appear Oh wait you basically told him to go fuck himself when he invited you to his wedding

  • Never cared. Cared less when Beyonce made narcissistic statements. Laughed when I finally listened to Jay Z’s music. “Don’t care, really don’t care, don’t care, don’t care…..” (Led Zeppelin)