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Shailene Woodley is going to explore life’s other artistic facets, apparently


Shailene Woodley is a bit of an odd one, isn’t she? She’s the Earth Mother come to life in rather unsettling ways. She’s willfully homeless and only has one bag of possessions apparently (which makes me wonder where she keeps all her soap-making supplies) and thinks the word “feminist” discriminates against men and I just don’t understand her at all. Maybe we’re not meant to.

In any case, in a new interview with V Magazine, Shailene poetically explains why she loves indie movies so much and reveals her future plans.

“I love indie films, because there’s no slacking off,” she says. “The budget is so tight and the shooting schedule is so precise, there’s no room for error. Everyone is there for the love of the craft. [Indie films] are able to explore beyond the boundaries of what studios will allow. They take risks and diverge from mediocrity—by being sexual, mysterious, dangerous, or crude. I love them because the freedom is unbridled.”

And… what’s she going to do now that she’s completed so many big projects recently?

“I’m going to lie low and explore some of life’s other artistic facets.”

Do you, girl.

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