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Dina Lohan got told off in court over drunk driving

dina lohan mugshot DWI

Remember when Lindsay Lohan‘s mommy dearest, Dina Lohan, was arrested last September for serious drunk driving and was acting all crazy with police officers? Well, that case went to court on Monday and a judge handed down her sentence, which was rather lenient, I think – 100 hours of community service and she had her license revoked for a year. Whoopdie doo.

However, apparently the judge had some pretty stern words for her in court over the whole thing, as TMZ reports:

Lohan pled guilty to DWI and speeding … and was ordered to complete 100 hours of community service and had her license revoked for a year. Once she can drive, she’ll have an interlock device installed on her car for another year.

But after Judge Engel handed down the sentence, he had rough words for Dina, saying, “The only person responsible for this ordeal is Miss Lohan. She is just lucky nobody was killed. She may not be as lucky next time”

Upon hearing that, Dina replied, “There will not be a next time.”

That should be the Lohan family motto.

Man, now we see just how close to the tree the apple falls when it comes to Lindsay. How in the hell did the girl ever have a chance of being normal and well-adjusted when she has lunatics like Dina and Michael as her parents? Dina has never gotten over the fact that Lindsay succeeded in Hollywood where she didn’t, and has been desperately trying to live vicariously since Lindsay was little. I don’t think we need to discuss where that whole thing went wrong…

Keep this woman off the streets, however. Get a driver like your daughter, woman.

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  • Lindsay Lohan is a fn trainwreck disaster because Lindsay is a fn out of control do you know who I am Hollywood douche. Her biggest problem is people like you who blame her mother for her idiotic behavior and she never learnd to take real responsibility for her own shit. Why don’t we read about her sister every week she was raised by the same Dina.