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Britney Spears gained 30 pounds in Las Vegas

britney spears

Britney Spears has been doing really well with her Las Vegas residency – in fact, it’s the city’s best-selling show of all time, which is awesome. But of course, we can’t just celebrate her accomplishments, we have to talk about her “faults”. This time, it’s about how she apparently got “fat” and gained 30 lbs throughout the course of doing the show.

From The National Enquirer (via Showbiz Spy):

“Britney has gained close to 30 pounds, and she’s got a lot of cellulite on her legs and stomach,” an insider said.

“To disguise her belly onstage, she wears a one-piece leotard made out of a shaping material for a slimming effect. Skin-colored tights cover her legs during her act, and she also likes to use tanning beds and spray tans to hide her cellulite, but it looks ridiculous.

“Britney isn’t using her home gym, and she’s gorging on junk food.

“She loves McDonald’s and Taco Bell, and she’s eating tacos, corn bread and fried chicken. She also drinks Cokes and fatty frappuccinos from Starbucks.”

But Britney apparently has a plan to drop her extra weight.

“She’s going to have prepackaged meals delivered to her house about two weeks before her show starts again,” said the source. “However, that plan didn’t work during her hiatus last year, and it’s not likely to work this time around either.”

Damn, can we not let this girl live? Who DOESN’T like McDonald’s and fried chicken? She doesn’t look “fat” or anything near it – and even if she did, why does it matter to anyone else?

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  • I thought her kind caring and OVER PAID father was looking after all her dietary needs? Wouldn’t there be terrible pictures of her look all fat and bloated if this story was true? By terrible I mean distorted fake shopped bad angle pictures.

  • I’m gonna go ahead and out myself. I stan for Brit, so I’ve watched multiple performances of Piece of Me, and I can say that her body hasn’t changed much, if at all. Also, she wears fishnets, not flesh-colored tights. Unless you’re counting the first part of the show in which she wears a nude bodysuit. YOU TRIED, NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

  • I have several theories:
    A) she has put on muscle-mass in the course of her shows, dancing get you in crazy shape
    B) she is miserable in Vegas (and maybe in her micro-managed personal life)
    C) this report is BS, because of she can’t have an unrestricted cell phone, internet access or authority over her finances (see B), the least of what her minders can do is regulate what foods are available to her

    These stories make me so sad, I just want her to get better. I truly feel badly for her and want her to be well!

    • I know what Ur saying for whatever reason she is the only celeb I actually care about her happiness. She seems so sweet and innocent and there is nothing I like seeing more than Britney with a genuine smile on her face or her really laughing she looks so pretty and it makes me feel better when I see her like that. I hope this is not true and I wish this garbage would stop let her be happy she isn’t hurting anybody