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Chery Cole’s new single, ‘Crazy Stupid Love’, is reppin’ the sax

crazy stupid love

If you’re English, you’ll know Cheryl Cole as a household name. If you’re not, you might remember her from the two or three episodes of the US version of The X Factor which she appeared in before getting the sack for being too Geordie. Or maybe it’s her giant ass tattoo that’s imprinted on your mind? Either way, she’s a “singer” first and foremost (I say that with love!) and after taking a little over a year off to party and travel, she’s back with a new single just in time for summer. It’s called ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ and I actually think it’ll be one of the biggest songs of the summer – at least over here in the UK.

What do we think? The sax really is making a comeback, eh?

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