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Ariana Grande fires back at fans over Marilyn Monroe controversy

ariana grande

I didn’t really know how to write the headline for this one, as it’s a bit weird. Basically, Ariana Grande decided to wish Marilyn Monroe a happy birthday on her Twitter/Instagram page yesterday and posted a photo of her, as well. Simple enough, right? Wrong – a bunch of people got their panties in a twist and lashed out at Ariana and Marilyn, saying what a slut she was and how Ariana shouldn’t be promoting her, yada yada.

Ariana didn’t take too kindly to this and actually wrote her own response back to the haters. The comments have been deleted since, but here’s the full text:

“so much hate for celebrating Marilyn’s spirit on her birthday. I adore her work and have compassion for her inner sadness that she covered up on a daily basis that assholes like you made her feel in the first place!! judging her for her  wildly rumored personal life (which is truly no one else’s business) is only a distraction from her talent, beauty, comedic genius and effervescent spirit…. it always breaks my heart to see people say such terrible things about people they’ve never met / don’t really know the one hundred percent truth about. so today, I choose to celebrate the beautiful parts of marilyn. we should only and always focus on the beautiful things… because what we focus on expands….. which is why I feel for the people who focus on hate…. because that’s all you have to give. and I truly do feel sorry for you because when you’ve been dead for 50 some odd years…… nobody will be wishing you a happy birthday.”

Well, fair enough, I guess? I don’t give a shit about Marilyn Monroe one way or the other, to be honest, and I do think it’s sort of obnoxious how obsessed young girls are with her despite probably never having seen a single one of her movies or knowing anything about her life, but I guess it’s nice that Marilyn’s still being remembered?

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  • I loved Marilyn and she was underrated as an actress also speaking ill of the dead lacks class.
    Happy Birthday Marilyn !!!!

  • I guess Marilyn was no worse than a lot of today’s movie stars, but, what with the divorcing, cheating with a married man, and taking pills, to the point of dying from them, I think she is a terrible choice for a role model. Pretty sure that is the problem most people have with anyone who glamorises her life.

  • Wow here’s a young woman who is simply remembering a Hollywood icon on her would be birthday and people think it is necessary to trash her and Marilyn for it. For the most part Marilyn was a insecure young woman who trusted the wrong people and was crushed under the weight of her own fame and possible took her own life because of it.

  • Well, I don’t get people jumping all over what’s-her-name for citing a “Happy Birthday”, but I’ve read a couple of biographies about MM and she was truly the epitome of the casting couch chick on her way up. After she made it, she just couldn’t understand or reconcile that she had to pay the terrible price tag that comes with making a bimbo out of yourself. She was not only type-cast as a sex object on film, but in real life. That was a long time ago and the times have changed. That being said, I think that was just one of the many issues she medicated herself to death over.