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Scout Willis is super into nipples, I guess

scout willis censored

Scout Willis has always seemed a little – shall we say – different, so it should be no surprise that she’s gone on a topless crusade around New York City to protest Instagram’s lack of nipple allowance (and I suppose discrimination against female toplessness in general). I mean, homegirl has gone whole hog with this. Her Twitter avatar is that topless Lui cover Rihanna did that made HER leave Instagram, she’s retweeting anti-Instagram images and other topless pictures users are sending her (Scout’s Instagram was disabled, as well, after posting the above photo)… it’s just a bit much. I won’t even start quoting some of the stuff on her page – just check it out yourself. She’s even using the hashtag #freethenipple

I mean, I get what she’s going for – I don’t particularly want to see a man’s nipples walking down the street, yet so many walk around with no shirts on, so why can’t women? Oh, that’s right, because female breasts are sexualized and if a woman was to walk around topless, she’d be “asking for it” – it being any harassment or assault she received because she dared to do something a man does. That being said, I don’t particularly want to see a woman’s boobs walking around on the street either, and I do quite like boobs, actually. Can’t we all just keep our clothes on in public?

Uncensored pics (i.e. NSFW) below the cut…

scout willis 2

scout willis

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  • 300 girls are kidnapped a woman is stoned to death in an ”honor killing” and she is on a crusade because instagram won’t let nipples be shown. First world problems. yawn

    • Uhm, the kidnapping has literally nothing to do with the girls’ genders. Boko Haram has already kidnapped schoolchildren before, boys in this case. They are a terrorist group that seek to wreak havoc in Nigeria and possibly obtain independence for the Northern regions of the country. Don’t use Nigeria’s tragedy to further your point. Also, I have two first world problems for you right here: the fact that in the US the leading cause for death of women in their 20s is domestic violence, the Isla Vista shootings. Violence against women is real in the first world too.

      • Ok then. You made two good points yourself there. Domestic violence against women and the Isla Vista shooting tragedy…….so many terrible things out there in the world that are broken and need fixing and what cause does this one get behind?? FREE THE NIPPLES???? Oh my goodness…..I just can’t.

  • i agree with liz. this privileged twat! however… her natties look real nice. i’ll give her that.