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Lady Gaga’s voice was stolen by a cartoon villain

lady gaga

Lady Gaga is currently on the ARTPOP tour and was due to perform in Seattle, Washington last night… but then Ursula, the cartoon villain from The Little Mermaid, came and stole her voice, meaning she had to cancel the show. In actuality, she apparently has bronchitis, but I guess she thought it was cute to bring Disney characters into it.

In any case, I suppose it’s comforting that she’s taking some time off to heal rather than going on stage and lip syncing just to get through it. She frowns on such things, so at least she’s staying true to her word!

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  • This happened the very day of a report that Gaga’s tour tickets are selling poorly. An interview with the head of stubhub saying her tickets for Artrave are not in demand. She’s not even in the top 10 in demand acts. Her tour dates are not selling out, not even close. The images from her concerts show large gaps in seating and the floor is sparsely scattered with fans. Scalpers bought up tickets and can’t sell them, so lots of empty seats, as well Gaga’s people have been giving away tickets the days of shows too. Anyway, very convenient that she is sick now cancelling two dates. I would not be surprised if her ‘bronchitis’ takes a turn for the worse, or her hip starts hurting her. :P

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