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Wiz Khalifa Takes Selfie In Jail


Wiz Khalifa was arrested at the airport for possession of marijuana, according to TMZ:

The “Black and Yellow” rapper was flying from El Paso to Dallas when TSA officials discovered the green stuff … according to law enforcement sources. Wiz was taken into custody and turned over to local police.

So how is Mr. Khalifa passing time in his jail cell? By taking selfies and uploading them to Twitter, of course. This tweet is titled “Jail Selfie”:


And then we have this tweet, titled “Free Trap Wiz.” which his fans began to tweet en masse:


He has since been released.

I didn’t realize they let you keep your phone after you get locked up. Is that typical? Anyone know?

According to MTV news he was charged with possession of .5 grams of marijuana. Dude, doesn’t everyone know not to ever try to travel with weed in Texas?

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