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Kim Kardashian’s Rehearsal Dinner Dress: Hell, Yes Or God, No?

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are pulling out all the damn stops for their big Parisian wedding. Their rehearsal dinner (more like rehearsal DAY) was no different. There were 600 guests, Lana Del Rey showed up and performed, and there were fireworks, according to People. But let’s talk about what Kim wore, which was this:

kim kardashian

Yes, it’s a very low (and wide) cut white top/skirt or dress, I can’t tell, honestly. What do we think of this: is it a hell, yes! or a God, no!?

Personally, I’m going with God, no on this one. I think it’s a bit much. I hate what Kanye’s wearing, too.

What do you think?

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  • Basically it’s like everything else she wears. Not suited for her body type. I don’t have a problem with the cut down the front; if you’ve got the goods and want to show them off then go for it. But I just don’t think she has the body type to pull it off. Somehow, she makes everything look cheap and tacky. Same with the high cut slit in the leg. Not flattering on her

  • On anyone bit her. She is just too short for the amount of fabric used here. If the size we more proportional on top, I’d be into it. She just looks like a sloppy OG Grecian Queen in this picture.

  • Yup, has to hide the ginormous ass, which takes up far too much fabric to allow anything to look good on her.

    She’s no better than what you can find at 11:00pm at any meat market bar – except her mom is her pimp.

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