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So… ‘Wheel of Fortune’ host Pat Sajak is kinda nuts, eh?

pat sajak

Apparently Pat Sajak, who you’ll know from his hosting gig on Wheel of Fortune, is a bit of a nutter and an idiot, too. Apparently he doesn’t think global warming is real. Ignorance isn’t illegal – though it certainly should be – but what is kinda messed up is that earlier this week, he took to Twitter (the best place to spread the crazy!) to claim that scientists who study climate change are… racists?

pat sajak 2

Uh… what? What does that even mean? How is that a thing? The mind boggles. Of course, once he got called out for being an absolute dillweed, he immediately began backtracking and claiming that the tweet was a parody, saying:

Except… that kinda doesn’t wash, considering this isn’t the first time Pat has tweeted about his disbelief of climate change:

pat sajak

LOL, okay bro. Stick to game shows, man.

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  • It makes no difference whether the earth is warming or cooling humans are not able to stop it. Just because Pat has an opinion does not make him nuts or an idiots. The idiots are the people who think we can dominate nature.