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Taylor Swift is being sued for “stealing” a popular concept

taylor swift

Taylor Swift is selling a hideous shirt that look like it came from some amateur’s CafePress shop which says “Lucky 13” and has a picture of a shamrock on it. Here’s a pic for reference:

taylor swift shirt

Well, apparently there’s a clothing brand called Lucky 13 and the owner, Robert Kloetzly, claims that Taylor is jacking his business and that her video, ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’, could be an outright advertisement for Lucky 13 since it features the type of kids he markets to.

From TMZ:

The allegation is … Taylor is confusing the marketplace. In the docs, Kloetzly describes her as a tatted up singer who likes “fast cars and dangerous men who drive them inappropriately” — and adds that’s the same demo his company targets.

In the suit, Kloetzly goes on to claim Taylor’s music video for “I Knew You Were Trouble” could be an ad for his Lucky 13 … because it “depicts stylish, attractive, tattooed individuals in provocative situations.”

LOL, okay, sure. To be fair, Kloetzly’s clothes are just as ugly as TSwift’s t-shirt above. Get a load of this absolute shit:

lucky 13

Also, considering there’s a Wikipedia entry for “Lucky 13”, it’s hardly an original concept, idiot. However, this dude thinks he’s entitled to every scrap of profits Taylor’s made thus far or damages for his own company – whichever’s greater. NOPE. Go away.

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  • I agree totally, This Robert Kloeztly has got to be a complete asshole to not see the difference between his shirts and Taylor’s. One of the rules for infringement of trademark is that the shirts have to be similar and cater to the same demographics and cause confusion as to where the shirts originally come from. Well, if you look closely at Taylor’s shirt, you see her name embroidered underneath “Lucky 13” and go and google an image search for “Lucky 13” and you will see a lot of “Lucky 13” shirts with the skull and cross bow and tattoo art, etc and amongst these you will see the one lonely photo of Taylor’s green “Lucky 13”. Tell me that you can’t tell the difference. It sounds like Robert Kloetzly is some scheming bastard who is only in it for the money. If he has suffered any loss, it wasn’t from Taylor Swift, but probably because no one wants to buy his crap.