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What’s going on with Rob Kardashian?

rob kardashian

Guys, I’m kinda worried about Rob Kardashian. The last episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians I watched was on a flight from NYC to LA back in February, and in it, Rob was crying about how he didn’t want to take his shirt off because he’s so fat and unhappy and doesn’t know what to do. Apparently he got hooked up with a trainer and was getting his life back on track, but as we can see from the photos of him heading to Paris in preparation for big sister Kim‘s Versailles wedding, that’s… clearly not the case.

From TMZ:

Despite reports … we’re told Rob has not been at “fat camp” or any other form of rehab … rather he’s been working out frequently with a big name trainer to battle his weight problem.

Either way … he’s going to have to alter his tuxedo a bit from Kim’s last wedding.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not making fun of Rob for being fat, and I don’t think anyone should be picked on for their weight. Rather, I just worry that he’s ballooned up so quickly and must have some serious other emotional shit going on for this to happen… and to continually get worse. Not to mention that the guy is clearly a wreck over it and feeling really awful, so I think he needs some help – not necessarily about his weight, but the issues behind it, which would probably simultaneously help him shed some pounds and get back to himself again. Poor dude. If I was part of that family, fat would be the least of my troubles.

Apparently, he’s flying his personal trainer to Paris with him so he can keep up his hard work while there:

We busted Rob Kardashian’s chops for packing on the pounds– but the guy IS trying to streamline before Kim’s big day … so we’re now told.

Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson is flying to Paris to train Rob and Khloe Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, he tells TMZ.  Gunnar says Rob was training 5 times a week, but then slowed to twice a week 2 weeks ago because of other commitments.

As Peterson says, [I’m} the gatekeeper of Rob’s workouts, not the gatekeeper of his life.”

Well, there you have it.

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  • Gosh, i feel so bad for the dude. It’s a little embarassing to admit that I used to watch Keep up but never have i ever seen Kris Jenner direct even a tenth of her attention and ‘love’ to Rob, it was always about the girls. Have to be realisttic enough to realize though that everything in that show is heavily altered/edited before getting televized but still, Rob was always kinda treated as the ‘extra weight they all just had to drag along.’ Like a burden or something like that. Maybe except for Khloe, Bruce and the two youngest girls. Here’s hoping to him getting his shit together and realizing he does not need to be the male, famewhoring version of Kim and can find peace in I dunno, baking cakes & pies? Hmm… pie…

  • Why the F#@k should he have to apologize for being fat why should anyone? F#@k his family and their fame whoring ways he isn’t one of Kris’s show ponies he needs to be happy with who he is and get over this whole .. I’m to fat to go to my sisters wedding shit.If they don’t want him there fine don’t go if they do go and enjoy the wedding and stop living for others, If Ur Mother is on Ur case f#@k her write a tell all and spill all her dirty secrets.

  • Why would you feel bad for him?! He’s just a spoiled brat that expects everything to be handed to him in life, and probably just doesn’t have the self-control to stop putting cheeseburgers in his mouth because he’s never had to entertain any form of self-control over anything else in his life, ever. He’s a grown ass man who needs to stop feeling sorry for himself and get his shit together.