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John Stamos Will Not Let You Bad-Mouth Full House

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John Stamos is cracking me up with this one. A blogger named Annelia Alex for The Huffington Post wrote a piece about Full House and how unrealistic it was. John Stamos heard about it and was having none of that. First, here’s some of what she wrote, via People:

Cataloging the five “lies I learned from dumb TV,” Alex said that Full House and sitcoms like FriendsWill & Grace and “some show with Brook Shields” were bad life examples and “distorted my expectations for reality.”

Those “lies” included the idea that when you get upset and flee a situation, someone chases after you, as the adults did for the children on Full House. (Alex tried it after a fight with her brother over Chex Mix and it didn’t work).

She also took exception to the idea that “you will be friends and ultimately more-than-friends with the attractive person in the apartment across the hall,” or can afford to live in a luxury Manhattan apartment when you’re a coffee shop waitress.

You get the idea. Here’s how Stamos responded:

Annelia, if you hadn’t watched those … shows like FULL HOUSE you wouldn’t have been open minded and bright enough to write an article like you just did.

Don’t blame the way your life turned out because of TGIF – if you’re lucky enough to have kids – maybe you should have them watch re-runs of Breaking Bad – see how that turns out.

I get what you’re saying – I agree we did some silly unrealistic stuff … [but] let’s focus on that and not the unrealistic stuff – because the happiness that these shows have brought to people’s lives – I’ve felt that more first hand than I’m sure you have….

Also, I bet more good than bad came out of those shows. Sorry it didn’t turn out that way for you Annelia or you simply just weren’t bright enough to take the good from what we did and laugh at the rest.

I think John Stamos needs to chill out. And I’m loling that he credited the brilliantly written Full House as proof of someone being able to write an article for Huffpo. Yeah, Stamos, it’s all because of Full House that this writer is “open minded” and “bright”. Come on, dude. Have mercy.

Did you watch Full House? What do you think of it now?

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  • I think Full House is singlehandedly responsible for inspiring most of the scientific advances that have occurred over the last 15 years.

  • Stamos should chill out? How about the female writer taking responsibility for how her life turned out rather than blame it on tv. At my age, that would be like me saying that I Love Lucy was responsible for my whole being. What a load of crap. If you can’t tell tv from reality then you have bigger problems than Full House.