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Carrie Fisher To Lose 35 Pounds For Star Wars Sequel


Carrie Fisher is all set for the new Star Wars film — well, sort of. She feels she has to lose 35 pounds first. Here’s what she told The Los Angeles Times:

They didn’t hire me, they hired me minus 35 pounds.

Mom Debbie Reynolds added,

She’s worked her body out for one year to not have a body.

I hate this. Why does she have to lose 35 pounds to play Princess Leia? She’s obviously aged since she originally put on that gold bikini and why should we expect her to look the same? I don’t hear stories about anyone telling Harrison Ford he has to lose weight to play Han Solo.

I think it’s such bullshit.

What do you think?

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  • man oh man…what a bikini, way ahead of its time. and yes, RE: the weight issue, total bullshit. i loved her in When Harry Met Sally, just sayin’.

  • They are being hired to play a specific part with a specific look. I think the studio has all the right in the world to have them lose weight. No one wants to look at overweight Luke and leia.

    • Yeah I kinda agree. I’m sure she will be collecting a pretty hefty paycheck for these movies, so its not unfair for the studio to ask for that. Its fairly common for studios to ask for actors to lose or gain weight for a role.

  • It’s kinda cute how you constantly try to turn news into feministic propaganda and how it never works.

  • Indeed. Being an actor is all about selling your image. A true professional shouldn’t be above losing/gaining weight as the role requires. Christian Bale and Robert De Niro come to mind.

  • She said .., “Shes feel like she has to lose 35lbs first” She has been ask to recreate the iconic role of Princess Leia not Jabba the hutt. If you were in a movie would you want it to been seen FOREVER with you looking over weight? (whatever that is) Camera adds 10lbs

  • What do I think?
    I think billionaire movie producers know more about their business than a smelly gossip writer. Even if that gossip writer does have a semi-lucid grasp of the obvious.
    Mark Hamill was told to drop weight. Harrison Ford is a ripped bean pole and has been working out and in shape for decades. I even saw him order a low-cal coffee drink.