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This Dutch girl group masturbated to orgasm in their new video

adam go to go

I’m not sure what on earth is going on here, really. Well, I am, actually – Dutch girl group Adam released their video for their new single ‘Go to Go’ and it’s… special. Basically, they sit on camera and masturbate until they have orgasms while still trying to sing the song. Classy as hell, as you can imagine.

People will do anything for a bit of press these days. Plus, the song sucks too, right?

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  • I’m assuming it’s based on the video art project Hysterical Literature by Clayton Cubitt. And so far as your snarky “classy as hell” goes, I’d rather watch women getting themselves off physically and musically than getting dudes off, which we have plenty enough of in videos. Neither are they hyper-sexualized in the way we’ve come to expect in media, almost always from the POV of the male gaze. While sure, this is made for consumption, it represents a personal and female expression of pleasure that I find refreshing. It’s no Miley humping a hotdog or Bey trying to keep things hot in her relationship while all Jay has to do is sit there and smoke a fatty. This deserves your thought before your knee-jerk criticism, subjective opinion re: the musical content aside.

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