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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!


It’s that very special time again, time for Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week! We covered the Met Gala in this post, so check that out if you’re seeking high (and bizarre) fashion. Now let’s get to which celebs had the BEST, WORST, and most WTF look of the week! Go through and make your choices. Mine are, as always, at the bottom.



Lohan, this is so awful. It’s like she took J.Lo‘s legendary gown, cut it, shrank it, and borrowed Courtney Stodden‘s shoes. I bet you seconds after she flashed this peace sign, she stumbled over. And then blamed Oprah. I don’t know, I’ve so had it with this chick.


America Ferrera. We haven’t seen her in a while. She looks great, though a little plain.



Amy Poehler: great woman, does not know how to dress. She can never find a dress that does anything for her.



Beth Behrs. So if you’ve been reading my fashion posts, you’ll know how sick I am of this crop top trend. I just think it’s silly, especially here. It’s like the top says “I’m all business” and then after the crop it says, “Wait, I changed my mind, let’s go to a garden party” but then you get the shoes and it’s like, “J/K, BUSINESS TIME.” I think this whole look is disjointed.



This is someone named Bip Ling, and I had to include her for her Craft-y outfit. How ’90s is this? Ugh.



What a stunning ensemble on Blake Lively. Love it. Love how she makes a coat an outfit.



Here’s Jeff Goldblum Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. She looks flawless and Maleficent-y as always; he looks great except for ew, his hair is so slick you could skate on it.



I think Bryan Cranston looks positively dashing.



I’m not sure what exactly this outfit is from Chloe Sevigny. Private high school student chic?



Dakota Fanning in airport chic. Love the hat.



Here’s Dita Von Teese in one of her classic nostalgic outfits. I love it. I love when she gets real costume-y with her looks. And she rarely doesn’t.



Elle Fanning looks positively princess-like and I love it.



So, Eva Green is my goddess, who can usually do no wrong, but I think she did some wrong here. Sorry, love. Not feeling this one at all. And the hair is also a big yikes.



Here’s Gwyneth Paltrow at her pop-up Goop store. She’s looked better, poor dear. I hate those boyfriend style jeans. What does it matter, not like I can afford her Goop shit anyway.



Heidi Klum. Something about the print of this dress feels very 1990’s to me, and not in a fun throwback way.



Hilary Duff looks great except oh MAN, I wish she wasn’t wearing a crop top, because it cuts her off and shortens her torso, making her appear slightly squat. She still looks great, I just don’t get why she went for a crop top with this. But as you realize, I don’t get crop tops at all. SO there’s that.



Idina Menzel. What the hell is with this Iron Man style breastplate?



Janelle Monae. You do you, girl. You do you.



Well Jon Hamm is looking damn fine. Love the vest and tie look on him. Love pretty much anything on him.



Katherine Heigl. This whole look also feels very 1990s to me, and again, not in a good way. She looks fab though. Just dated.



So, this is what Kim Kardashian wore to the airport. THE AIRPORT. It’s so WTF on its own, but combined that she wore this on an airplane makes me double the WTF. But why should she fly for comfort, right? That’s for normals. Ugh, so over this woman in every way. She looks like a burlesque version of Little House on the Prairie.



Here’s Lake Bell, all pregnant and chic. Loving those sleeves.



Liv Tyler. THOSE SHOES. Oh God, those shoes. THE SHOES. HELP. THE SHOES.



Marion Cotillard is perfection.



Naomi Campbell looks like a Studio 54 era Diana Ross, and I love it.



Olivia Munn, in another dress I hate, though I hate it less than the one she wore to the Met Gala.



Rita Ora continues her love affair of metallics with this gown. I like it on her, good choice.



Absolutely loving this dress on Sofia Coppola.



Tina Fey in “you can do better, girl.”



And finally, Toni Collette. Love her, hate this. The proportions are all wrong. As are the shoes.


Time to make your picks! Here’s mine.

BEST: Marion Cotillard
WORST: Lindsay Lohan
WTF: Kim Kardashian

Your turn!

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