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Prince Harry Left His Girlfriend


If you’re seeking a single British royal who once ran around Las Vegas, naked, you’re in luck — Prince Harry split from his girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, according to People. More on the story:

After dating for nearly two years, Harry, 29, recently confided in friends that things were not going well with the 24-year-old beauty.

“He found her too needy and it just wasn’t working out,” says a source close to the prince.

Hey, Harry, here’s a novel idea: try dating someone closer to your own age. Early 20s vs. later 20s is a world of difference. You can get along with someone okay if they’re in their early 20s and you’re later, but you really shouldn’t seek romantic fulfillment with that kind of age difference. I speak from experience. Come on, somebody else has to be with me on this one. It may not seem like a huge difference, but in these key stages of young adulthood, it is.

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  • You may have a point Catherine just maybe but come on he is a freakin Prince “your experience” is kind of a apples and oranges thing compared to someone who thinks she may have a shot at being a real honest to god princess and is acting a bitt giddy like a school girl??

  • i’ll take him ;)

    you are right on the age difference. in your early twenties you are full of bs and confusion and in your late twenties you have finally realized that you are full of (maybe a little less) bs and confusion

  • Ah, bullshit. Harry’s just not ready for that sort of commitment. He’s a prince, his brother shoulders the real responsibility so he ditched this ‘hard to get’ player and is gonna run around sticking it in a few other hot broads. I mean, come on, I’m sure he’s a ‘good’ guy and his childish ways are behind him but let’s be realistic…he can have way more fun behind closed doors with girls that aren’t going to play the games this one has.