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Kim And Kanye To Have A Quiet Wedding This Week?

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may surprise us all by getting married in a private ceremony this week, according to TMZ. For them to do something subdued would be truly shocking. From TMZ:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are doing something that seems to go against their DNA … getting married PRIVATELY and without fanfare, and we’re told it’s going to happen this week.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ … they already have a marriage license and plan to tie the knot before the week is out.

We’re told it’s strictly on the QT … so much so they got a “confidential” marriage license so no one officially knows.

Sources tell us … with a confidential license, K&K won’t have to appear publicly at a courthouse to get married … instead, an official from the court will actually go to them and perform the ceremony privately in their home.

And then, in about a month — after they’re already legally married in California — we’ve learned Kim and Kanye will hold a lavish, blow-out wedding ceremony in Paris.

I still believe that even if it’s just the two of them and a witness, Kim will still wear something over-the-top and Kanye will attack the wedding photographer. It’s just in their ways.

I wonder why they’re doing it this way though, especially if they’re planning a “lavish” ceremony in Paris anyway. What’s the rush and why so hush?

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