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2Kristen Bell got naked on the beach for ‘Allure’

kristen bell

Kristen Bell is a new mom, so a lot of attention has been paid as of late to her “post-baby body” and how much weight she can lose in a certain amount of time.  Well, Kristen wanted to put her money where her mouth is when it comes to body confidence, so she did what we all do when we’re having a good day: she got naked on a beach for a major magazine.

As she told Allure:

“I talk a big game about being comfortable in my skin. I wanted to put my money where my mouth was.”

Well, good for her, I guess? I like Kristen Bell, so fair play or whatever, but the whole nudes thing is kinda tacky and unnecessary (for anyone – not her in particular). It’s nonstop! Alas, the whole “no clothes = sexy” thing will be with us forevermore, I fear, so I suppose we need to just accept it. She does look great, so good for her for feeling it, too.

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April 22, 2014 at 7:30 am by Jennifer
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2 Responses to “Kristen Bell got naked on the beach for ‘Allure’”

  1. Mercy says:

    She looks amazing, but all I can think of is how much sand she must’ve got in her vag.

  2. blah says:

    The photos of her actually at the beach are WAY different. Photoshop is a gift of the gods. Not saying she isn’t cute or whatever, but if you’re going to really put your money where your mouth is, why not do it without Photoshop?

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