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How dare you point out Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgery!

kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner is a pretty girl, sure. She’ll grow up to be a pretty woman with lots of money and a “modeling” career or whatever it is she wants to do because that’s how her life is set up. However, her life is also set up to be full of numerous plastic surgery procedures, several of which I think have pretty clearly already been performed, despite the fact that she’s still just a teenager.

Apparently some plastic surgeon told OK Australia that Kylie showed signs of having had surgery on her nose and Botox injections in her lips (nevermind the sudden boobs that popped up out of nowhere), but Kylie is offended that you could ever say such a thing and took to Twitter to express her feelings.

No, girl, we didn’t forget. That’s part of the reason everyone’s so outraged. Shame, really.

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  • Long time Beet lurker here. And I don’t know how heavily these comments are monitored or if I am just yelling into a void here but I had to come out of my lurkerdom to say something about this post.

    Writing an article about alleged plastic surgery on a minor is one thing if you are trying to point out societal flaws or how youth can be at risk in situations like these where the parents and environment they grow up in cannot or will not protect their interests. But I got the distinct feeling that this post was 100% coming for Kylie and the whole thing just had an “Ugg is she kidding me?” vibe to it. It is easy to forget that she is a still young and probably does not fully realize what she has signed up for re:her family/career. That’s why we, as adults, should refrain from taking shots at her no matter how easy she makes them.

    I get it, its just gossip, its blogging , its a spot of fun and she will probably never read this. But I still think this was a little out of line, especially when we have no proof that these surgeries are even real. This is just judgment based on speculation about a teenager who may, in a shocking turn of events, just sprouted boobies because of PUBERTY’n’things.

    And now I have gone on a tangent on the Internet.

    Sorry about all that.

    Still a reader. Just wanted to post my feels.

    • Thanks for leaving such a thoughtful comment – seriously, no sarcasm involved. My post did have a sarcastic tone to it, as I do feel that she has probably had plastic surgery. I never posited that as fact because I don’t know the girl and have no way of proving it (nor would I have a desire to), but my saying it’s a total shame and that unfortunately she’s raised in a family that values their relationship with their local cosmetic surgeon was genuine. She’s a pretty girl – and again, “girl” is key here because she is still a kid, whatever way you slice it – and it’s completely unnecessary, but she and Kendall are also being groomed to follow in Kim’s footsteps, which sets a TERRIBLE precedent.

      I do indeed take celebrity gossip very lighthearted and this blog is written more from an observational point of view – ie what I’d say to my friends if we were chatting about it (which we really don’t since I do so much of it online every day), so it’s casual and many of the comments here are WAY too serious given the material/subjects. However, you’ve definitely given food for thought here and I appreciate it!

  • Stop dressing like a slutty whore if u want people to respect you. Of course look what family u come from, apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Lol. Pathetic

    • Just remember you are talking about a teenage girl and she doesn’t dress much different than the rest of them. I am the same age as her and if you said something like that about me I would probably punch you in the face.

  • This blog and the writing in it are a joke. Almost as stupid as the Kardashians themselves. The best part is how for days there aren’t any comments (even on the “giveaway” posts) and then poof! People comment only to call you on your bullshit opinions.

  • BooC does seem to have a valid point here. I wholeheartedly agree with everything that was said in the first ten lines. However, I don’t get why people should refrain from commenting on her surgeries, whether they are proven or presumed. Pretending they didn’t happen is going to help her how, exactly? Maybe its quite the opposite: by letting her know that everyone noticed, she won’t be stimulated to do any more surgeries. See, BooC, we listen! ;)

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