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2Didn’t Like The How I Met Your Mother Finale? That’s Okay, There’s Another One


How I Met Your Mother ended earlier this week, and the majority of fans hated the endingI liked it, personally. We asked you guys what you thought in a poll, and most of you voted “I don’t watch that shit.” LOL.

Well for those of you who voted, “BOO, it sucked! What a waste of time!” you’ll like this news. Apparently, there’s an alternate ending that’s “very different” and you can see it on the DVD.

From Daily News:

Co-creator Carter Bays took to Twitter to reveal that there will indeed be a chance to see how they almost tied up the beloved characters’ futures.

“Here’s a bit of news: 16 days ago today we were in the HIMYM edit room, trying to decide between two very different endings,” he wrote.

“We only shot one script, but through edit room magic we had two possible outcomes for the series. We chose the ending we chose and we stand by it. But we loved the other version too.”

Bays said that ending No. 2 will be available on the season 9 DVD’s as well as on the series box set.

I think most of season 9 was a hot-ass mess, but again, didn’t hate the finale.

The worst finale of all time has to be Dexter, anyway.

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April 5, 2014 at 4:00 pm by Catherine St. Ives

2 Responses to “Didn’t Like The How I Met Your Mother Finale? That’s Okay, There’s Another One”

  1. Cameron says:

    Never really watched this show, other than an episode here and there, but yeah, Dexter was the worst.

    I wonder sometimes how the writers decide the endings they write are good.

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