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Lorde isn’t really into Photoshop


Lorde is a pretty obnoxious kid sometimes, unfortunately. It happens – she’s 17 and thinks she knows everything about the world, but then didn’t we all at that age? However, she is pretty cool and mature for her age sometimes and her music is pretty good, so I was pretty pleased when she spoke out about Photoshopping on her Twitter page the other day.

Apparently someone took some photos of her during a recent concert and did some handy dandy editing to make her skin look nicer. That’s sweet and all, but Lorde embraces her imperfections and decided to put up an un-retouched photo alongside it to let her fans know that “flaws are okay”!

That’s pretty great of her. Stars are used to Photoshop and they depend on it to make them look superhuman, so it’s great to see that not everyone tries to fool people into thinking that’s what they look like in real life. Get it, Lorde!

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