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Boo hoo, Chris Brown says prosecutors are picking on him

chris brown jailChris Brown is still in jail and desperately trying to buy his way out, but prosecutors are fighting hard to keep him right where he is and trying to assure that he doesn’t jilt the system yet again to get off without punishment. Of course, when Chris attempts to manipulate the law for his own gain, it’s 100% legit and totally fine, but when prosecutors give him a taste of his own medicine, he starts crying about being picked on.

From TMZ:

Chris Brown says prosecutors in his Washington D.C. assault case screwed him over by unlawfully getting a sneak peek of witnesses … so he wants the charges thrown out.

Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, says prosecutors had no right to take Brown’s case before the grand jury.  He says in his legal docs the U.S. Attorney had already decided to reduce the charge from a felony to a misdemeanor assault.

Geragos alleges the ONLY reason a grand jury was convened was to get a preview of how the witnesses in their case would fare under oath.  In other words, Geragos says prosecutors used the grand jury for a dry run, and that’s absolutely an egregious abuse of power.

A judge has yet to rule.

Now I’m not a lawyer, but don’t prosecutors get to know who the witnesses are going to be so they can prepare their cross-examination questions? Like, isn’t that just… normal procedure? What could be a “gross abuse of power” seems to me like prosecutors know that Chris likes to try and pull slick shit and will even pay people off to make sure he doesn’t pay for his crimes, so they’re trying to avoid that at all costs.

Sorry, but I’m on the prosecution’s side, here. Let this idiot rot.

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  • Chris Brown needs to be in jail. I’m tired of celebrities using their fame and fortune to get them out of trouble. Maybe he’ll straighten up now that he sees that they are not playing with him.

  • Funny no story on zac efron. Skid row encounter for sushi/drugs. But any negative Chris Brown story you can find ………

    • Heeeee’s in jail and may stay there long enough to have to change his cloths that is a huge surprise to a lot of ppl. Efron got caught giving handies for coke who didn’t see that cuming !!

  • They keep picking on him for some reason every little thing he do they make it a big thing let the young man grown up give him a life

  • They need to leave him alone at this point he did probation , community service and probably paid a whole lot of money to the court systems as it is they can only hold him down for so long its real criminal out here that they need to lock up how many times does a man need to repent his sins rkelly had sex with all those minors and his behind walking free

    • R.Kelly wasn’t a punk ass bitch who like to beat women. This nikka needs this jail time now, might save him from real prison time later.

    • All he needed to do is follow the rules of his probation how hard could that be? He figured aaaa there’s no way they’re going to throw my ass in jail I’ll do what I want as usual and they will do what they usually do (let the celleb slide). He was wrong.
      As for R Kelly throwing him in jail for being a pedafile doesn’t get CB out they both belong behind bars.

  • both should be in jail…and for long periods of time as well!!
    1st..ya got a disgusting..”grown”…”man”…
    molesting little girls!!!..WTF?..he’s a professional artist..
    yet this pervert chooses to take advantage of little girls…
    and you say he’s fine now….because….what?..oh yeah he did some probation and other stuff…so now he’s fine….well you obviously have not a daughter!!! WOW

    2nd you another “grown man”…that is also a professional artist who chooses to beat women with words, closed fists,objects..ext.
    and yet again he okay..because ..what?..oh yeah he did PROBATION and community service…B.S.!!
    how about getting your face punched in by a man who is suppost to love you..and he gets…PROBATION…
    and is okay!…LOL…

    well obviously C.Brun is not.. as he yet time and time again failed to do the LITTLEST of tasks to keep his butt out of jail….yet he fails to do these minor things!!

    and you go on about how great they are now because of
    some crap probation program that they showed up for for a few hours a few dozen times….
    and these are the people that you raise your kids to be there ROLE MODELS…
    Good luck with that you closed minded unrealistic thinking sheep!

      • What about Ted Kennedy? He killed a woman driving drunkenly and never served a day in jail?
        Try sticking to the subject – Chris Brown being a douche.

      • 7.1 million people signed up for health insurance
        obamacare met it’s projected goal …now let’s have some of those delicious conservative tears chuck

  • Chris Brown committed a crime. He should be in jail if the crime he committed merits jail. He needs help, and; he knows it. He watched his Father beat his Mother (he admitted in an interview). Quite often that behavior transfers to the next generation. Maybe going to jail will be the wake up call he needs to get his life in order. He’s so very young. He’s in jail now, but; hopefully he won’t go back.

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