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This is Selena Gomez’s definition of sexy

selena gomez

Selena Gomez needs to take a note from BFF Demi Lovato‘s book and send herself back to rehab, because she is all over the place these days. Not only did she quit her first stint in recovery (from alcoholism and Justin Bieber addiction, apparently), she’s also continuously reunited with JB and is now posting “sexy” pictures of herself on Instagram, including naked ones:

selena gomez 2

The photos, Selena says, are a teaser of a “secret project” she’s working on. I sure as hell hope that secret project is getting her damn life together, because she’s going downhill quick. That’s not to say women can’t post naked pics of themselves and be sexy all the livelong day if that’s what they so choose and what makes them feel good, it’s that clearly homegirl is a bit of a mess considering how often she gets back with the walking shit stain that is Justin Bieber, and now suddenly she’s posting shit like this?

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