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Taylor Swift’s stalker will have to stay away for at least three years

taylor swift

Earlier this month, Taylor Swift got a temporary restraining order against some guy named Timothy Sweet, who’d been sending her threatening messages and telling people he was married to her and would kill them if they tried to interfere with their love. Of course, Taylor has never met this nutso and wants him to stay far, far away.

Lucky for her, a judge granted that wish on a more permanent basis when she was given a three year order of protection on Tuesday. That means Sweet will have to stay away from her and her family or head to jail.

From WENN:

A Los Angeles judge reviewed the restraining order request on Tuesday and agreed to extend it until 2017. The ruling bans Sweet from going within 100 yards (91.44 metres) of the 24-year-old and her immediate family.

Sweet is the second superfan to be ordered to stay away from Swift in the past week – Daniel P. Cole was recently charged with trespassing on her Rhode Island property following an arrest in December, when he refused to move his truck from the singer’s driveway as he attempted to gain access to the home. He was also slapped with a no-contact order, which was granted on Friday.

Damn, I feel bad for TaySwift – and for famous people in general when it comes to stalkers. That shit is not cool, and you constantly have to look over your shoulder to see if some weirdo is going to come and kill you or your family. Doesn’t sound very fun to me.

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