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Paul Walker’s crash was speed-related, not mechanical

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When Paul Walker tragically passed away in a car crash last November, there was some talk as to the cause of the crash. While some suggested the car was going way too fast, others suggested it might have been a mechanical failure with the vehicle itself. Well, turns out, they were definitely driving too fast.

The Associated Press quotes a source from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. — the agency that conducted the mechanics analysis — who says the crash was NOT the result of mechanical failure.  Speed was the trigger for the fatal accident.

Investigators also noted the tires were 9 years old. Shortly after Paul died … law enforcement sources told us they were the original tires on the car and they had hardened … which means it lost traction on the road.

That’s terrible, but also, CARS ARE DANGEROUS, people. Sure, there’s no sense in shaming Paul now that he’s died, but hopefully others can learn from his tragedy and NOT speed around for fun. It can cost you your life and/or kill other people. You’d think that’d be common sense, but clearly not…

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  • I’m surprised someone who was so into cars had tires that were THAT old. 9 years? that’s insane.