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Scarlett Johansson on career and motherhood: ‘I want to have it all’

scarlett johansson

Scarlett Johansson hasn’t really talked publicly about her pregnancy yet – in fact, she hasn’t even confirmed that she IS pregnant! However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have thoughts on career and motherhood and how to balance it all.

From The Wall Street Journal:

“It seems so stressful to not be able to spend time with your family because you’re constantly chasing the tail of your own success,” Johansson says. She continues: “There must exist a world in which I can balance those things, be able to raise a family and still make a film a year, or work on my own, develop things, do theater. I want to be able to have it all.” She laughs. “Selfishly.”

“I know that with that there will be some sacrifices. I know that’s the struggle with working mothers and successful careers. It happens.” But the scent of double standard is obvious, and Johansson doesn’t shy from it. “With [male actors] it just doesn’t happen that way. You can be every woman’s fantasy, and nobody thinks twice about the fact that you have eight kids or whatever.”

True, true – there are lots of Hollywood men that have tons of kids and it doesn’t affect the world’s view of them. However, does it really affect women’s? I’m not sure. It “feels irresponsible” to speculate on such a topic. Maybe that’s it.

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