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John Mayer has a penchant for fake Rolexes, apparently

john mayer

This is a bit of a weird one. John Mayer is rich, right? Like, he has enough money that he could afford an actual, real Rolex? I would think the answer to that question is “yes, duh”, but apparently that’s not the case OR John just really likes fake shit, because we have a mess of a situation on our hands.

Okay, so John filed a lawsuit against some guy called Robert Maron, claiming that he bought $5 million worth of Rolexes off him that ended up being fake – well, rather some of the parts in the watches were counterfeit. Totally a worthwhile lawsuit, right? I mean, if it were true…

Apparently John KNEW the watches had counterfeit parts and actually wanted them anyway, as per Maron’s claims. Here’s the scoop from TMZ:

TMZ has gotten hold of a letter Maron’s lawyer, Eric George, sent to Mayer’s attorney before the lawsuit was filed.  In the letter, George quotes a Mayer posting on a Rolex message board in 2007 stating he knew a certain type of Rolex — called a Flat Dial — contained “counterfeit” parts and some purists believed they were not true Rolexes.

But Mayer made it clear on the message board, he didn’t care and wanted to snatch up as many flat dials as he could, saying, “Anyone who wants to sell me one of these watches can get these fake pieces off their hands and make a killing on it.”

Mayer adds, “I will even accept a letter from you as a dealer releasing you from any liability in having sold me a counterfeit dial.  I will be buying these as counterfeits.”

The upshot … George says Mayer went into his dealings with Maron eyes wide open, and claiming now that he had no idea the pieces had “counterfeit” dials is just B.S.

LOL to John Mayer posting on a message board, but I can kinda see this being true. He’s always been a Class A asshole, so this kinda follows suit with what we know about him. Too bad, dude.

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