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Gerard Butler loves bachelorette parties, apparently

gerard butler

Some women celebrating Maja Nogic’s impending nuptials around the Sydney Harbour in Australia last weekend when they got a very interesting surprise: Gerard Butler.

Maja’s friends had hired a boat for the bachelorette party (known internationally as a “hen do”, just FYI) and who should be on board but Gerard himself, who had also hired it to look at some property around Rushcutter’s Bay.

He took some pics with the ladies before realising what he’d stumbled into, when he immediately turned on the charm, apparently saying: “Is this a hen party? Can I join? We’re going to dance a little bit, drink a little bit.” Smooth, man. Real smooth.

Who knows what happened after that, but I’m sure Maja’s soon-to-be husband was none too pleased about the encounter. Maja, however, looks thrilled.

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  • Did you guys hear about him playin’ the Swayze role in the new Point Break RE-MAKE? It’s true. Gonna be fucking awful or bonerrific, we shall see.

    • I didn’t hear that but I’d count on Bonnerific anyday with Gerrard. He’s hot and I think he’s a pretty good actor. At least I enjoy most movies he’s in. I mean he was the phantom of opera for god’s sake. so sexy.