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Nicki Minaj looks good in a bikini

nicki minaj

If there’s one celeb that loves a revealing/naked selfie, it’s Rihanna. However, this isn’t about her, it’s about Nicki Minaj, because she loves showing off her body just as much (I just don’t see as many of her shots since I don’t follow her on social media. Mistake?) and has been posting photo after photo of herself in the shower, without makeup and now, on vacation in Mexico.

I dunno what kinda filters homegirl uses (or who she has take the photos), but I think she looks great. I don’t really understand why we need to see 800 photos of celebrities doing everyday shit – especially when it comes from people who complain about not being able to have a private life because of their status. Nicki hasn’t done that in recent memory, but plenty of stars are guilty of that shit.

So what do you think of Mexico Nicki? Hot?

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