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Lorde’s releasing her own MAC collection


Lorde is a lot of things: precocious, obnoxious, a bit up herself, kinda overrated (though the album was good-ish, I’ll admit that), a little bit scary… but here’s one thing she isn’t, really: known for her amazing look. I mean, I guess some people want to look like Lorde, but her style is sorta ’90s goth meets Edward Scizzorhands, which I guess are sorta one in the same.

In any case, I bring this all up because soon, you’ll have your own chance to look just like Lorde, as she’s working on MAC (the makeup company, for the fellas and uninitiated ladies out there) to release her own collection come summer. Because nothing says summer like black lipstick and scary finger dip thingies or whatever she was doing at the Grammys.

What do you think? Worth it?

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