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Does Michael Jackson Have a Secret Son? Nah, Probably Not!

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When you’re famous, people constantly crawl out of the woodworks trying to get a piece of the pie. People you haven’t spoken to since middle school (and chances are, they bullied you back then) will seriously hit you up in your 30s talking about, “Hey, remember me, man? School was rad!” (or something). I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but the point I’m trying to make here is that this kind of bullshit is even MORE common when the celebrity in question is dead, because then, not many people can refute it.

Apparently there’s been claims that Michael Jackson is 99.99% certain to be the father of some 31-year-old musician named Brandon Howard. Brandon has worked with everyone from Ne-Yo to Chris Brown, so looks like musicality runs in the family! It’s said that a DNA test proves this paternity thing, but the problem with that is that the testing facility, which is said to be based in Ireland, doesn’t actually exist, and the graphic used on the testing paper is straight outta one of the Terminator films.

From TMZ:

Here’s a shocker — the DNA test results that allegedly prove 31-year-old Brandon Howard is Michael Jackson’s son are BOGUS … in fact, so bogus … the logo from the so-called DNA testing lab was ripped from “Terminator Salvation.”

As we reported,’s Alki David put on a spectacle Thursday — claiming he had DNA results proving singer B Howard was the biological son of the King of Pop. He then produced the results showing a “99.99999%” probability that MJ was Brandon’s dad.

TMZ obtained a photo of the DNA doc — allegedly from a testing facility in Ireland called “DNA Lab.” We searched high and low but could find no such generic DNA lab in Ireland.

Skeptical, we investigated — a simple Google image search of “DNA results” turns up a bunch of sample docs with the same exact easily-stealable format as the one we got.

But the coup de grace — we then Google image searched “DNA logo” and the first result … literally … was the same DNA pic used in the “DNA Lab” logo.

Oh, dear. And here’s the testing results in question:


SMH at people. What’s wrong with everybody? Also, this guy – who seemed to have a pretty decent career before all this – has basically erased any credibility he had. Everyone’s going to remember him as the dude who tried to swindle the Michael Jackson estate now, NOT as a legit artist. What was the point of it all?

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