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What in Bubblegum Hell is the Robin Thicke, Jessie J & DJ Cassidy ‘Calling All Hearts’ Video?

calling all hearts

I have a serious problem, you guys. I hate Robin Thicke. I hate this song. Jessie J is only marginally bearable anymore… and yet I woke up with ‘Calling All Hearts’ – which is apparently actually DJ Cassidy‘s song that the other two are featuring on – in my head. And I’ve only heard it ONCE. That’s all it took! I’m not sure what that means. Is it kind of a decent pop song after all, or am I being subject to some serious brainwashing? I vote the latter.

The most confusing thing about this video is how these three people came together for this song in particular. It’s pseud0-disco to listen to, but the video has B-Boys and Girls and way too much pink shit. The lyrics and the concept are terrible, DJ Cassidy is… whatever, Robin Thicke serves no purpose, Jessie J thinks she’s starring in her own Broadway musical and it’s all a disaster. So why is the chorus on repeat in my brain? HELP ME!

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