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Katherine Heigl Is Still Crying Poor Mouth

katherine heigl

Not very long ago, Katherine Heigl asked for your (financial) help to get her film, Jenny’s Wedding, off the ground. That was bad enough, because celebrities asking the public to fund a movie that they then would have to go pay to SEE is fucking stupid. However, now she’s taken it to the next level and is talking to the press all about how little money she’s made in the past several years and she has mouths to feed. Oh, brother.

From TMZ:

Katherine Heigl’s hit hard times … telling us she needs to hang onto every penny and is in NO position to donate cash to finish her new movie.

Here’s the thing … Hollywood hasn’t exactly been beating down Katherine’s door since she foolishly left “Grey’s Anatomy” and trash talked Judd Apatow’s movie — she even admits it in this clip.

So now she’s counting on a crowd funding campaign to raise $150,000 to complete her indie film “Jenny’s Wedding” — and makes it clear she won’t be pitching in because she just ain’t got it like that anymore.

So… she wants YOU to pay for HER movie that SHE won’t even donate money to. SMH… the audacity! Anyway, it’s a Katherine Heigl movie, which means it’ll tank anyway. How about ALL of us hang on to our pennies whether we can spare them or not?

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  • Ya know, I have a problem with this whole Kickstarter/crowd funding thing. If you are raising money for a charity, or for something to help a community, that’s one thing. In my home town we had a kickstarter for a small independent theatre here. It was one of the few places that would show good independent films, and they needed a new projector. The owner is barely making ends meet, I suspect. But here, Katherine wants money to produce a film that, if successful, would put a lot of money in her pocket. So I can contribute so she can potentially get rich(er)? I don’t think so.

  • I don’t really care if this gets funded or not, but I’m pretty sure she’s not actually producing the film–she’s just staring in it and trying to help the producers get funds by speaking about it.