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Michael Jordan is the Father of Twins!

michael jordan yvette

Michael Jordan and his wife Yvette Prieto Jordan have two reasons to celebrate: they’re the parents of identical twin girls! Yvette gave birth on Sunday in West Palm Beach, Florida. Hurrah!

The statement from their spokeswoman, Estee Portnoy, was short but sweet:

“Yvette and the babies are doing well and the family is overjoyed at their arrival.”

I certainly don’t envy these two starting over – Michael’s already got three grown kids (all in their 20s) – but I bet they’re super excited to have new babies around. Who doesn’t love babies? They’re cute, they’re squishy and best of all, they can’t talk back yet!

In any case, Michael and Yvette got married last April and announced the pregnancy in November, so things are moving right along for these two. Congrats!

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    • Spill it….. I’m willing to bet that there’s NO confidentiality agreement between Jordan and someone named pik nik… Right?

      • you are CORRECT. you know how i am though – trust no one in the industry. they all have people who browse these websites from time to time so…good thing i changed my “name”. :P let’s just say that he loves white ass and my old co-worker used to give him that ass in exchange for flights on his private jet. *ahem* female ass; she was one of many, and he was not single. he likes to watch as most men do, no surprise there. i do remember a bit about bukake (sp?), unsure if that was one special flight or perhaps it’s HIS THING…aaaand i’ll leave it at that.
        have a splendid day, chaz! :D

      • Fuuuuuuuuck…… Next time I won’t ask! Knew he ran around, I’ve friends who are sport agents…. But face frosting some chick till she’s a spunkcicle is too gross to imagine! I’m not a watcher, an occasional cash for gash at the strip bar is as far as I go….

      • I used to work at the same company in Chicago as his former wife, Juanita. She was a well-known hoops groupie who dated Reggie Theus (former Bulls star shooting guard) before the Bulls drafted Jordan. After the Bulls traded Theus, Jordan would ALWAYS have bad games when he played against Theus, because Theus used to run his mouth non-stop asking about “Juanita” and the things they used to do together.

        Juanita was a gold-digger and mined that Jordan fortune big-time.

  • Wow don’t you guys just know it all…..none of you even congratulated him and his wife. Well done Michael and good luck cos judging by these comments you will probably need it….but wait. You’re Michael Jordan so who gives a rats arse!!

  • Another black millionaire giving his money back to the white man. Well at least his kids can afford JORDAN and not have to sell drugs to afford the. Any how kids are precious

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