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Leonardo DiCaprio Doth Protest Too Much: ‘I Have Never Taken Drugs’

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I’m not sure why this is even a discussion at this point, to be honest, but apparently people are super interested on how many drugs Leonardo DiCaprio has done in his life, given his role in The Wolf of Wall Street as a coke snorting asshole. Well, here’s an answer for you: NONE! Leo swears that not a single drug has ever entered his body in any form, which I find a little hard to believe and kinda silly to lie about, but whatever.

From The Los Angeles Times:

“There was a major prostitution ring on my street corner, crime and violence everywhere. It really was like Taxi Driver in a lot of ways. I grew up very poor and I got to see the other side of the spectrum.”

“I’ve never done drugs. That’s because I saw this stuff literally every day when I was 3 or 4 years old.  So Hollywood was a walk in the park for me. I’d go to parties and it was there, and yeah, there’s that temptation.”

Hmm, well, maybe he’s one of the rare few that actually never has done drugs, and I’m just being cynical – it’s been known to happen (lol). And it kinda doesn’t matter either way, really, I suppose (despite the fact that addiction is RIFE in Hollywood and how fatal that addiction can turn out to be) – it’s his life. Seeing the awful underbelly and consequences of that lifestyle is enough to scare anyone away, so good for Leo for avoiding it, if that’s the case.

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  • Yeah, this is the second “everybody ever in the whole world has done a drug or two” comment in the past week. I understand having your doubts about Leo, as there’s no shortage of evidence that people lie about their drug history, but it’s still a weird, obviously false claim that NOBODY has lived the drug-free life. I’m using my first name only in an online comment no one will read – I have nothing to gain by telling you I’m 25 and I’ve never touched a drug in my life, including alcohol. Gossip blogs are the only high I need.

  • I actually knew him in the 90’s in L.A. and he absolutely did NOT do it.He was known for it ( not doing drugs) and he has a very tight, loyal group of dudes that also do not. I can’t speak for this decade or every day of his life .. but i was at many homes and parties where he was and knew a lot of the same people..
    I also wasn’t a coke/meth/tar etc etc girl so .. we ran in the same party circles.

  • I’m 34 and have never smoked a cigarette or done any other drug. I do drink alcohol occasionally (average about 1 drink every 3 weeks or so), but that’s it.