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What Did We Think of Bruno Mars and the Super Bowl Half-Time Show?

super bowl

I don’t like American football, so it should be no surprise that I didn’t bother to turn on the TV for the Super Bowl last night – not even for the commercials (still haven’t seen any!) or the Half-Time show, which is what most non-sports fans are actually in it for. That and the snacks, that is. In any case, I missed Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers performing, but luckily, there’s video!

I’m not a Bruno Mars fan, really, but you have to admit he kills it here. His live show/band is on POINT, and it’s nice to see RHCP doing a little something, as well (though I truly wonder who even thought of them). ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ and ‘Treasure’ were the tracks Bruno performed, and then RHCP joined them for a rendition of ‘Give It Away’. Ta-da!

Did you watch the Super Bowl? What were your favourite ads? Did the right team win?

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  • I loved the halftime show Bruno Mars/ Red Hot Chili Peppers were great. Best halftime show in a long time!

  • Yes, he and his band played great, as did the RHCP. It was a very fast paced choreography, almost too frantic, but they all did a great job. I don’t like the fake audience crap tho.

  • I’m not a Bruno Mars fan either but he was entertaining and I love the RHCP!! It cracked me up to see the “rocker” come out of Bruno!! He was really really getting into the song w/the RHCP!!

  • Copy cat, didn’t look natural, Only a black man looks good dancing like that. Jackie Wilson, James Brown, just a few.