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Anne Hathaway and Rachel Zoe Are Not Longer Stylee and Stylist

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Did anyone know that Rachel Zoe was Anne Hathaway‘s stylist for 10 years? (Did anyone care?) Until recently, the two shared a happy stylist/stylee relationship and all was well with the world – well, if you don’t consider everything either of them have ever worn a total disaster, which I do. Well, now they’re dunzo, but at least there’s “no bad blood” between them, eh?

From US Weekly:

“There is no bad blood between Anne and Rachel, and in fact the door is always open for them to work [together] again,” an insider explains to Us. “It’s just that Anne is looking to try new things, and she loves Penny’s work. It’s nothing dramatic.”

If you’re wondering who Penny is, it’s Penny Lovell, some other stylist who Anne is working with instead. Yeah, cos I’m sure Rachel Zoe was just like, “Cool, Anne! Loved working with you this past decade – way to sell me out for another stylist! Best wishes!” but who knows, maybe that did happen.

Here’s hoping this Penny woman has slightly better taste, though I suppose Anne would need to get better taste, as well.

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  • I’d fire her butt too – she did a horrible job, Anne looks like the Joker from Batman most of the time.

    • that would be the make-up artist at fault, not the stylist they typically do the clothing and accessories

  • I’m I reading this right? Ann Hathaway was in a relationship with Zoe? I’m confused I thought she was married to a man! No big deal just a shocker!

  • I like the Rachel Zoe stylist choices over all – way way too expensive or dressy for this old retired single gal but I’ve looked at her things on QVC — if I needed a faux fur vest I’d order it there – but I don’t – a friend bought me a Dennis Basso faux fur coat – I’ve never worn it – and only worn the washable leather suede blue with fringe one once — the mauve 3/4 not at all – tags still on it – and the black with fringe and button front half a dozen times – posted them to craigslist — alas no pics — no cell or camera availablel but found one like the blue one on ebay – for $125 – I’d sell mine for $50 — just too ‘young’ for me – I’m a denim jean jacket and polar fleece vest old gal

  • That is okay change is always good for style and for both of them. They both can be inspired by working with new people. I think Racheal was great for Anne for many years and Anne benefitted and Rachael benefitted. It is nice there is no hard feelings. I’m sure Rachael is busy enough with her new clothing line and appearances and her new baby boys to move on without hard feelings. Wishing them both well.

  • Stars never realize why we fall in love with them. it is rarely how they look off screen. While that can destroy the illusion, they’d be well served to look carefully at their movies — see where the love affair began. how they looked at that moment. their hair, their clothes. some kind of magic was working. for Anne, it was clearly the moment in Prada when Andy transformed; catching Adrian’s eye perched against the Porsche, or coming out of Meryl’s office in the Dior boots. she need not be a slave to the look, but at least start from there. beginning with ditching the pixie.

    • So you’re saying celebrities shouldn’t be who they are, like the rest of us? They should instead settle for striving to please the general public, which is impossible to do all the time, by pretending to be the characters they’re PAID to portray on the job? That doesn’t make sense to me. I’d hate for someone to give that message to my child. Would you tell your own daughter to follow that strategy, forgoing the person she truly is or wants to be and what genuinely makes her happy and confident? She’s not Andie, she’s Anne. I say she should be what makes HER happy, not hoarde of complete strangers. We’re all beautiful because we’re different & see beauty differently, our own included!

    • No way–the pixie is the only interesting thing about her look. And why should actresses dress as their characters?