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Everything Madonna Does Is to Piss You Off

madonna grill

I don’t think anyone would deny that Madonna is an absolute legend. She was an incredible artist spanning several decades who changed the world of pop music forever and offered provocative cultural shifts unlike any we’d seen for a long while. But her time has passed. Madonna is now in her 50s and has lost touch with “the youth”. She’s trying her hardest to stay relevant and hip, but it’s not really working. Even wearing a gold grill and referring to her white son as “#disnigga” is only serving to piss people off more than anything. Turns out, that’s apparently why she’s doing it.

As she told Ryan Seacrest at the red carpet of the Grammys:

“Yeah, I’m grillin’. It pisses everybody off when I wear my grill, so that’s why I wear it. I wear it when I don’t have to eat. Actually, I’ve learned to eat with my grill in.”

Well, that’s… special. You’re really showin’ em who’s boss there, Madonna! In a way, I understand her love of antagonizing people. I do it to you guys every day! ;-) But at the same time, there’s a limit. When you’re doing things that are potential cultural appropriation or even outright racist (no, adopting a black kid does not make you exempt from this) to “piss people off”, there’s a serious problem. Madonna needs to have a few seats and sit and think about what the hell she’s doing.

So much for people going out on a high note… As Nelly (yes, THAT Nelly) told TMZ: “Madonna fucked up. She needs to get her shit right.”

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  • Yes, she has my attention that she is an silly old lady wearing a grill that makes her look even older. She’s not pissing me off either, just making me laugh every time I see a picture of her.

  • She is taking a chance at her age with the cane and less than pearly looking teeth. She looks like an older lady with rotted teeth who can’t walk. She’s even wearing that Boy Georgish hat. No stars.

  • If I was trying to piss people off, I would key their car or something…not wear something that made me look ten years older and even uglier.

  • i’m just going to say it…she is irrelevant. she had her time, step aside and pass the torch.

  • Who’s pissed by Madonna wearing a grill? People are mocking and laughing at her…but, “pissed”? No. This woman’s constant, desperate need for attention is just tragic. You’d think she would’ve outgrown her teenage years by now.

  • Madonna is one of the cheapest celebrities I’ve ever done worked for. I had been in her NYc apt numerous times,.twenty years ago… never a tip!…cheap fucking slut Madonna also had so much makeup on she looked like a kabookie girl….paint by numbers heavy makeup….Madonna alos has a condescending nasty cunting guinea attitude….. shelooks like and old whore!
    Oh wait she is and old whore~!