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Amanda Bynes Has Been Getting “Fired Up” at Workout Camp

amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes left rehab in December and – in what is probably a positive mood for her mental health and well-being – has managed to pretty much stay out of the spotlight since as she continues to recover. Fair play, but what’s she been doing? It seems we can’t leave the poor girl alone and just have to know how she’s spending her time, so People found out that she went on the Miracles Utah Fitness Retreat earlier this month for six hour-a-day workouts and some healthy meals in order to lose 5 lbs (which she did, apparently).

“She wanted to focus on her health and getting her body back in shape,” owner Austan Torson tells PEOPLE. “Her main goal was to lose 5 lbs. and she did.”

Way to go, Austan Torson – use a celebrity who comes to your facility for refuge to get some more publicity. Totally sound decision!

Here’s some more:

At the $3,250-a-week Utah center, Bynes joined a group of 15 others for daily cardio and core exercises, healthy meals and lectures on nutrition and health.

“She brought a lot of life to the program,” says Torson, adding that the actress got along with the others in her group. “She was really funny, fired up and open to anything.”

That included the strenuous day of snowshoeing in the cold. “She led the pack,” says Torson. “She was right in the front.”

Well, I’ll say this: I’m glad Amanda is expending her energy in a healthy way and doing things that are good for her – that’s really positive and good for her. I still think this Austan Torson guy’s an asshole, though.

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