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6Rihanna Spends 95% of Her Life Naked, I’m Convinced

rihanna 4

Rihanna is currently in Brazil and seems to be enjoying a nice bit of fun in the sun… sans clothes. I’m not quite sure why she feels the need to do photoshoots every day of her life, whether in front of a camera for a magazine or in front of her phone for Instagram, but here we are again. I suppose it’s an “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” situation where she wants to keep record of how hot she was in her younger days for when she gets old? I’m just throwing guesses out here.

In any case, enjoy some Rihanna body, which you probably know the sight of better than your own at this point, that’s how often she’s showing it off. No shade there – I love me some RiRi, but the selfies are a bit over the top sometimes, I have to admit.

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January 21, 2014 at 6:30 am by Jennifer
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6 Responses to “Rihanna Spends 95% of Her Life Naked, I’m Convinced”

  1. I hate to say the unsayable, but her bum’s getting big. If she keeps on going she’ll end up like Nicki MInaj god help us.

  2. Anonymous says:

    if i was rihanna i would go naked everywhere too

  3. Darkside Mama says:

    Eh……women are not “mature”women until they have produced breast milk – according to biology. She is a child trying to be a woman……and its silly, unless you are a pervert.

  4. saaaaaaaaaaammmmmm says:

    i want exactly her life, sans chris brown. smoking weed all day, laying on beaches, doing some work here and there and just traveling. SO JEAL

  5. Alfred says:

    This is women beauty. Should she wait to get wrinkles? Just continue girl.

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