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’50 Shades of Grey’ Stars “Have Chemistry”

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Whoopdi-fuckin-do and all, but it turns out that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson – the stars of the forthcoming big screen shitshow that will be the 50 Shades of Grey movie – have found “chemistry” together, both on AND off screen. Don’t get any freaky ideas into your head – Jamie is a family guy and I don’t think anyone cares what Dakota does with her life, but they’re just “hot” together.

From E! Online:

The highly anticipated film’s producer, Michael De Luca, spoke with E! News about how filming is going at the Producers Guild Awards over the weekend in Los Angeles.

“It’s hot,” he said of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan’s chemistry throughout shooting. “I think we are a little more than halfway through but it’s going really good. I’m excited!”

So how are the future Mr. Grey and Anastasia Steele getting along with one another when the cameras aren’t rolling?

“The chemistry is there, they genuinely like each other,” De Luca revealed to us. “They’re enjoying the story, the story is so powerful.”

LOL, the story is so powerful? Dear God, please help the idiots who believe that to be a true statement. Powerfully awful? Powerfully boring and stereotypical? Powerfully geared towards bored housewives? Ah right, I guess that’s what they must’ve meant.

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  • I ask because I don’t consider myself an idiot (at all), and the story brought me to nose-tickling tears of emotion several times. It’s great!

    Not sold on the cast yet, but I could see myself warming up to them.

  • I could only make it through 2 of the books. Only read the second in hopes it would get interesting. I agree with the thought that the books are geared toward a group of women who may be sexually and romantically bored and find the stories exciting. I wouldn’t lump them into a group called bored housewives. But I can say this, I was BORED by the books. The promise of something interesting dangled with only a few rewards. The most unrealistic love story and characters. Really? A 22 year old virgin (who has all sorts of qualities that would have attracted many men by this point), has an orgasm right off the bat? Well, that did impress me. The only thing that impresses me about these stories is that people need to spice up their lives. Now. Hurry. Please. You’re missing a lot! Beyond the sex, the “romance” … not sure what nose tickling tears are … I felt nausea.

  • I did the same thing with this book as I did Twilight:

    1) Read the back of the book
    2) Laughed
    3) Put book back down and tried to forget it existed