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Kylie Jenner Wishes the Police Would Stop “Picking On” Poor Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber is a nasty little piece of shit – he spits in people’s faces, threatens to kill people, paints graffiti on walls repeatedly even after he’s been informed that it’s illegal, eggs houses and keeps tons of drugs in his house but you know, the police are totally “picking on him”. That’s what Kylie Jenner thinks, and she’s not afraid to say it!

From E! News:

“I feel strongly. Just because I know when we’re in positions like that,” the brunette beauty explained with her sister Kendall by her side. “And I just feel like people feel like they have the opportunity to, like, kind of mess with you just because of your status.”

“So, I don’t know, I feel strongly,” she continued. “What are you raiding his house for, to find eggs?”

Yes, Kylie, police will certainly “mess with you” if you, say, break the law by assaulting someone else, damage someone else’s property, etc. That’s called the law, and I’m sorry your pimp manager of a mother hasn’t shared that bit of real world knowledge with you.

I swear to god, these entitled fucking Hollywood kids annoy the hell out of me. Did the police force need to send armed people over to Justin’s house? Probably not. Am I against it? Definitely not. I’m just against the fact that it was clearly a scare tactic where Justin gets to sit at home free as a bird while someone else took the heat for his bullshit again.

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  • They seem to be about equal in terms of intelligence. (Justin and Kylie) They’re immature little know it all teenagers. Oh, wait, Justin just acts like he’s in high school. It’s so easy to forget.

    • Maybe the next celebrity tour activity can be to egg the Kartrashian’s house every day and see if they mind? Of course, Kylie would just feel sympathy for the help that would have to clean it up.

  • The thing is that they both have reasons to be disliked, but celebrities are put under a microscope. This article happens to be biased, in the way that all they do is talk bad about them based on your own opinion, rather than take in the thoughts and opinions of the others. Sure, they make mistakes…and Justin happens to be a celebrity who has made several dumb mistakes, but so what? While you sit in front of your computer spilling nothing but one-sided stories, those “Hollywood kids” and “immature little know it all teenagers,” are the same ones who earn maybe ten times what you make a day in half an hour.

    • “Earn”? If you think their bank accounts absolve them from their asinine behaviour, then you’re as bad as they are.

      And I can guarantee you that regardless of how much money they pocket, they aren’t “working” as hard as you or I do for a fraction of the wage. Getting a 5 or 6 figure cheque for being papped going into a bar isn’t really what I’d consider “earning” money.

      But as revolting as they are, they’re just the product of their upbringing. Anyone who encourages their kids to become a celebrity — knowing full well that it destroys any chance they’ll ever have for a normal life — shouldn’t be a parent. Full stop.

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