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Evander Holyfield is “Sorry” for Offending Gay People

evander holyfield

Evander Holyfield is about as homophobic as they come, unapologetically so, because the Bible and Jesus told him it was wrong (don’t even get me started), and after all, handicapped people can be fixed by doctors, so why don’t gay people just go and do that, too? Of course, he’s not REALLY so bad (according to himself). After all, he’s got a gay friend that he totally treats like a human being! Pffft.

In any case, now that his antics on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK have gotten him kicked out of the house AND made it to the US press, he’s decided it’s time to “apologize” and make things right in an effort to salvage his career. Here’s what he told reporters at a press conference:

“I haven’t got the opportunity to make an apology yet, but I guess with me in that situation, I kind of felt I was talking to one person.

“I was telling one person my view. I do owe an apology for what I said because I really wasn’t talking and really wasn’t trying to talk about somebody, because I don’t talk about nobody.

“She asked me something and I thought I was sharing with her my view personally, and I forgot about everything.  So I am going to make a public apology about that because I am sorry for anybody I offended in that situation.”

Is he entitled to his “opinion” that gay people are equivalent to handicapped people and should go “fix themselves”? Sure, why not, it’s America – WOO HOO, FREEDOM! or whatever.  I’m also entitled to think he’s an absolute fucking dickhead who’s close-minded and a bigot, to boot. You guys should also know that he had a conversation with this idiot Dappy in the Celebrity Big Brother house in which they discussed how men can sleep around as much as they want and they’re “pimps”, but if women do it… well, you KNOW what that makes her, and it’s just not to be done. Women don’t get to do that! Yes, I’m serious. Fuuuuck off.

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