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Whitney Houston’s Daughter Bobbi Kristina Married Her Brother Lover

bobbi kristina

Last summer, Whitney Houston‘s daughter Bobbi Kristina announced that she was engaged to her “adopted brother” Nick Gordon – news that wasn’t so welcome to her father, Bobby Brown, or… anyone else, really. However, we knew it was going to happen and indeed, now it seems it has, since Bobbi posted the following photo on Twitter:

Bobbi Kristina is only 20, so that’s a major red flag and a sign that this thing isn’t really going to last all that long. A lot of people think that the sibling relationship they shared makes their whole relationship problematic, but eh, I’m pretty live and let live in that sense. They’re not related by blood, and even if they were, what’s it to any of us? That’s not to say I’m some huge proponent of incest, but I dunno, it just doesn’t seem that unnatural to me that they would end up together when they grew up around each other. Is it ill-conceived? Sure, getting married to anyone at 20 probably is. That being said, that’s more of a problem here than the fact that he was like her “adopted brother”, I think. That being said, I do think if Whitney was still alive, she wouldn’t be having ANY of it.

What do you guys think?

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  • I think the only reason this is happening is because Whitney isn’t alive. Girl reportedly took it pretty badly (understandably of course) her dad isn’t known to be a bit of a dick so I think this is just the result of grief and clinging to possibly one of the only people she feels she has left. I think it’s a bit sad.

  • Well, what is done is done. I guess we should have expected that since he was screwing her brains out.

    Look on the bright side of things, at least that guy is now set for life