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Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Body (Again)


Kim Kardashian is back to showing off her body on twitter (above). Is it better or worse than showing off the stuff her baby got?

She posted selfies with Blac Chyna, rapper Tyga’s girlfriend, with the caption,

Getting right for the new year

And she posted another one, too!


Honestly? Okay, fine. I’m impressed. I’m crazy impressed that she just had a baby and she’s in this great of shape.


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  • perhaps you will take note of the crooked floor , door & tiles in a photoslop fail ..
    she posted this ’cause of yesterdays garbagebag lumpy azz fotos that everybody laughed at yesterday ..
    photoslop till ya’ drop at 34 years old with a babe …
    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ‘kaaaaaaaay ….lil’ midgetslut ..

  • I gained 60+ lbs after I had my first child. I would’ve looked great and back in shape as well if I had enough money for food to be prepared, a nanny to watch my child so that I can have my own time to myself, and a personal trainer to follow me around all day and slap all of the junk food out of my hand. Which is why I loathe the magazine covers which read: “How So-and-So lost the baby weight!” Yeah, I know how: with money, that’s how. :D

    • Kim was rich long b4 Kanye… It kills me that women call her a hooker. The fact is you probably slept with more men than her, its just that she is in the public eye….

      • True she was always rich…due to hookin’. Got them hookin’ skillz from Pimp Mama Kris. The family that hooks together gets famous together. And bitch please, your catty statement about who we’ve slept with could not be more wrong. But nice try.

  • Oh wow, what is that a funhouse mirror? She totally photoshop enlarged her boobs, look at the freaking door frame in that first picture!

  • Totally fake shopped pics. AND take a pic beside someone with a fatter ass than you and your ass looks smaller by comparison.

    I’m with Webster stop posting this whores every pic. and asking are we sick of this yet? Cos we are.

  • That picture is sooooo photo shopped . Look at the wall and the door , does anyone else see how wavy that is ? Take a picture of your
    Self from a distant then photo shop it then look at the back round it is exactly the same . That’s why photo shopped pictures are all photo shopped that doesn’t have to be cropped unless your from a magazine that no all the tricks ! You can see she trried to fix her self but not her friend . Since she has a shit load of nannies she has time to do all this shit . Even if she did get in shape it’s not gonna take away she’s the biggest skank in the world . No more kardashian for 2014 . Please .

  • Nasty ho tramp you semi porn star five porns you a ju and dad was a coke hear he owd $ for it and five others slut yes you are and your stuiped u will get aides sometime look in too that no rain jacket my be that’s baby is somethat fast meth other asshole butt liking you man a well be a good nasty whor method is it u can not lose 80 lbs.all meth coke mixed konya is a fag he a bigger stuff then you similar porn star your sister is oj kid what then your mom is one to smoke pot and maybe think about it Kim your hot and all but change your self I don’t think if your dad was here I don’t know he had no heart and you wore 5-6 years old when he past on its like a gothelp your self and think u not there partys look at that player he must hfind real love he’s fake think about it he a dum he’s nothing in the world he a player and rap is the answer his music has no heart stick to white foke men there real he’s a player and all was on tour master then you just to feel him show and tell get help come to santa Cruz California and see fun your man sick puppy I not his there was 5 others I you no rub check you out do a DNA test on all of them down load Kim’s porn then you will see realness xxx all her and others all the others you had all they want to is feel you its all same see real her and five cons and b ball player there bracers look true help your self smoke weed wax I think jusicy j he’s real and has a good heart look into him Konya sick fuck money won’t buy real love there’s a lot more to go with that there real there feelings trust being real open hearted care money that will not buy that think think

  • Someone needs grammar lessons and a recap of elementary school spelling whoever you are we need nothing other then your own words to know the type of person you are you sum it up so eloquently and if you’re from the south I am ashamed to can you kin if you are I myself never made it out the ninth grade in fact I spent four years in ninth grade and I can stil between spell check and what I taught myself READING imagine if you were articulate enough that without trying to decipher WTF you were trying to say I may ramble and not put punctuation marks where they belong but DAMN read what you type befor you press send NOW I do believe photo shopped pics should be tossed I would think it would be false advertising either way you’re not getting wtf you paid for you got scammed

  • I would have an ass like that if I had money for ass shots every time its needed.Blac Chyna and Kim K were both blessed from the Hydrogel fairy,along with Nicki M.Show some pictures of some real women.As far as Kim being rich before Kanye.Living off of my father’s money and profits from my sex tape.Come on now.I work 8-5 Monday -Fri.People need to stop being caught up in this illuminati driven,selfish,self centered industry and the fake ppl in it.I wish they would come work 1 day at my job.

  • Yes the pictures are photoshopped but so what they just having fun life to short to be criticizing people wtf every body always got something too fucking say but when a bitch see you in public its hush mode so yeah stop with all the Hatred towards kim k. & Black chyna( shout out to kim k and chyna turn down fa wat!!!!!(for who)fucK a hater because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.What u mad

  • Here we go again with Kim k talking about her pregnancy. Cant she talk about something else like kris and bruces divorce. And just wait, she says kanye is sooo sweet but just wait till he gets a divorce just like kims past men.

  • I’m not hating but kim k and black c would really be pretty if they showed there real pic. All these celeberties are really big fakes. Just look at amanda bynes.

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